City Lights


City Lights


Three x 1

3 into one more day. start over. Blood rushing down my veins, whimper, hate me, purr and you hate me.

Blood turns into blue, water. Convicted,

broken, never soaken.

With feelings of comfort, pillows, cotton candy.

Strawberry-flavoured. Eaten,

gutter. Never mutter.

Because what is now wasn’t three days Now and After; (infinite)

Plus. Go ahead and subtract from it.


Plus, where’s the plus?

Where does my heart go? He doesn’t fit, clustered, dissed.

Not missed.

Words cannot math me, I suffer

exponentially. Beat.

Do I stop this insanity? (How!) It’s taking my sanity,


Butterflies inverse

to cocoon. You’re my

moth. Moth? Quiet!

Three days worth of

One hour’s love.

Water frozen red.

It’s taking my

Sanity, it has taken

my sanity. Exotic,

my summer azure.